Tomorrow X Together: Rising from BTS’ shadow to craft their own legacy

Bomi Yoon

By Kevin Kim


In the bustling panorama of the K-pop industry, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) has emerged as the gleaming new promise from Big Hit Music. This powerhouse label catapulted BTS to global stardom. The birthright of BTS legacy brought with it a sky of expectations, casting a long, influential shadow under which TXT was unveiled to the world in 2019. However, rather than being eclipsed, the quintet has been basking in this illustrious shadow, drawing inspiration, and forging a distinct narrative that resonates with a global audience.

The mentorship and camaraderie between BTS and TXT have been nothing short of wholesome. From the get-go, TXT was embraced by its label seniors. A memorable instance was when BTS surprised TXT with a pizza celebration to commemorate their debut, a gesture symbolizing the beginning of a nurturing kinship. The learning curve steepened when TXT members caught BTS in concert, an experience that left an indelible mark. Huening Kai reminisced, “They inspired us a lot,” articulating the profound impact BTS had on TXT’s nascent aspirations.

Amid the cacophony of comparisons and anticipation, TXT has been meticulously carving out a unique identity. Their music, with its whimsical narratives and youthful exuberance, offers a fresh narrative arc that sets them apart. Albums like “The Dream Chapter” series and “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze” delve into the labyrinth of youth, a thematic exploration that resonates with their contemporaries globally. Their visual aesthetics, often of vibrant colors and playful imagery, further accentuate their distinct identity, offering a divergence from the intense, often introspective narrative of BTS.

The journey hasn’t been devoid of pressures and challenges. The title of being the next group from Big Hit Music after BTS carried with it an inherent expectation to replicate the staggering success of their predecessors. The members of TXT, dubbed as the “It boys” or leaders of the fourth generation of K-pop groups, admitted to feeling the weight of these expectations but have been navigating them with grace and fortitude. Their steady rise to prominence, marked by chart-topping albums and a burgeoning global fanbase, is a testament to their ability to thrive amid such high expectations.

As the stars of TXT continue to ascend, the whispers of collaborative prospects with BTS echo through the anticipative whispers of their fandom. A collaborative endeavor between the two groups could potentially meld the soul-searching essence of BTS’s music with the youthful zest of TXT’s tunes, creating a musical tapestry that could resonate across generations. The collaborative prospect not only entices the imagination with a riveting musical blend but also symbolizes a full-circle moment of mentorship and camaraderie between the two groups.

The support from the fan community has been a cornerstone in TXT’s journey. Mirroring the passionate support BTS enjoys, TXT’s fanbase, known as MOA (Moments of Alwaysness), has been a pillar of support, rallying behind the group at every milestone. Events like the “2022 Tomorrow X Together Fanlive MOA X TOGETHER” event, held in-person in Seoul and via a real-time live stream, underscore the symbiotic relationship between TXT and their fans, a reflection of the communal spirit that pervades K-pop culture.

Thus far, Tomorrow X Together has adeptly navigated the path laid before them, drawing inspiration from BTS monumental legacy while crafting a narrative that’s unequivocally their own.

TXT’s quest for global recognition has seen them amass achievements that expand their legacy and highlight their prowess as a quintessential K-pop act of their generation. Their recent feat of tying with Twice for the most top 10 hits among South Korean groups, a record second only to BTS and Blackpink, is a testament to their musical resonance. Furthermore, making history as the first K-pop group to headline Lollapalooza, TXT demonstrated a knack for transcending cultural boundaries, echoing global appeal akin to BTS.

Their aspirations for global impact are not veiled in ambiguity. Much like BTS, TXT envisages its music as a bridge fostering a global community. The whimsical narratives enshrined in their music, encapsulating the vicissitudes of youth, have found a universal resonance, forging connections across disparate geographies. Their thematic explorations, often brimming with youthful exuberance and a touch of fantasy, offer a respite in a world grappling with uncertainties, much like the solace BTS’s music has provided over the years.

As Tomorrow X Together continues to traverse the path of musical exploration, the symbiotic relationship with BTS serves as both a beacon and a testament to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. The camaraderie, mentorship, and shared experiences between the two groups are emblematic of a larger narrative within the K-pop industry, where the baton of global recognition and cultural impact is seamlessly transitioned, albeit with a distinct flavor unique to each group.

In conclusion, TXT’s journey is a compelling story of inspiration, identity and aspiration. While the foundational role of BTS in their story is undeniable, TXT’s endeavor to craft a distinct narrative, coupled with their relentless pursuit of global recognition, underscores a legacy in the making. The interplay between mentorship and self-actualization, between drawing inspiration and forging a unique identity, encapsulates the essence of TXT’s journey thus far. As they continue to make strides, Tomorrow X Together is not just emerging from TXT’s shadow but is on a quest to cast a luminary shadow of their own, promising a rich legacy that could potentially resonate through the annals of K-pop history.

Kevin Kim ( works in the music industry as the head of Asia for the global music business company, RouteNote. He worked for YG PLUS and CJ E&M Mnet before joining RouteNote.


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