‘Toi Toi Toi’: KARA’s Hur Young-ji kicks off solo venture to spread happiness

Hur Young-ji, a member of K-pop girl group KARA, poses during a press event at Shinhan pLay Live Square Hall in Mapo Distrcit, western Seoul, Tuesday. Courtesy of RBW, DSP Media

KARA’s Hur Young-ji’s releases debut solo album

The album cover of Hur Young-ji’s debut solo album, “Toi Toi Toi” / Courtesy of RBW, DSP Media

By Pyo Kyung-min

Nine years after joining K-pop girl group KARA, Hur Young-ji has embarked on her solo journey with the album, “Toi Toi Toi,” to become a ray of sunshine for others.

“People around me have always told me that my strength lies in spreading happiness through my own joyful spirit,” the orange-haired Hur said during a press event at Shinhan pLay Live Square Hall in Mapo District, western Seoul, Tuesday. “I am concerned that I may not be able to fully infuse that happiness into my album, but I’ve put a lot of effort to do so.”

As the singer said, her new album “Toi Toi Toi” — which means “good luck” in German — brims with joy. Hur explained that she picked this title to convey luck upon herself while extending well wishes to everyone on their own journey.

“This album is my reflection on what the public perceives in me the most,” she noted. “It portrays a fairy who spreads love and a happy alchemist who shares distinctive, radiant energy with others.”

The new album comprises the title track, “L.O.V.E,” along with two other tunes, “Focus” and “Climax.” Among them, “Climax” holds a special place in Hur’s heart, as she participated in writing its lyrics.

“I unveiled this song during a fan event in June,” she said, expressing her deep affection toward the song. “It’s a heartfelt tribute to my past self — who was often overwhelmed by uncertainty and anxiety — and a celebration of the sparkling present I now embrace. Right now, I am so happy that I eagerly want to reveal myself to my fans.”

The 29-year-old also revealed that she went through a period of self-reflection before returning to the stage with renewed vigor. During that time, she forged an acting career and made appearances on multiple TV shows including, “Comedy Big League.”

“It has taken me a long time to make my solo debut,” she said. “While KARA was on a hiatus, I took time to think about my path as an artist. I think my solo debut was delayed because I needed that time to delve into myself.”

Hur believes it marked a crucial moment in her life.

“Going solo seemed to be a distant dream, but now I’ve regained my confidence,” she said. “I’m much happier now. I decided to make a solo debut because I wanted to share my positive energy with everyone (right now).”

The versatile singer is optimistic about her future as a female solo artist.

“I have some concerns because it’s my first time to go solo,” she said. “However, I firmly believe that life always offers new opportunities, and that there are no insurmountable barriers. In fact, I am more joyful than anxious to kick off my solo venture.”

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