[DEAR ABBY] Middle-aged daughter takes no responsibility in life

[디어 애비로 배우는 생생 영어] DEAR ABBY: My 40-year-old daughter has never grown up. 애비 선생님께: 40세인 제 딸은 아직도 철이 들지 않았습니다. Until recently, she relied on her grandmother to make ends meet. 최근까지 딸은 할머니에게 의지해 겨우 생계를 유지했습니다. Her grandmother passed away, and now I’m all she has. 할머니는 돌아가셨고 딸에게는 아빠인 … Read more

Recurring human disasters – The Korea Times

Government should take more responsibility for mishap정부, 참사에 책임지는 자세 가져야 On Tuesday, the nine-member Constitutional Court unanimously rejected Interior Minister Lee Sang-min’s impeachment.9명으로 구성된 헌법재판소는 화요일 행정안전부 이상민 장관의 탄핵을 재판관 전원 일치 의견으로 기각했다. “From the viewpoint of the Constitution and the law, it is difficult to see the minister failed to fulfill … Read more

[CULTURE] ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ now lives beneath the Charlotte Theater in Seoul

A scene from the musical, “The Phantom of the Opera” / Courtesy of S&CO뮤지컬 ‘오페라의 유령’ 중 한 장면 / 에스앤코 제공 Musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ to run through Nov. 17뮤지컬 ‘오페라의 유령,’ 11월 17일까지 공연 By Holly Chik The legendary musical “The Phantom of the Opera” is back in Seoul with a … Read more

[NATIONAL] Teachers exposed to abuse and assault at schools due to lack of protection

A student lays flowers in front of an elementary school in Seoul’s Seocho District, Thursday, to offer condolences to a teacher who took her own life in a classroom on Tuesday. Yonhap목요일 한 학생이 서울 서초구 초등학교 앞에 꽃을 놓으며 화요일 교실에서 극단적 선택을 한 교사를 애도하고 있다. 연합 By Jun Ji-hye An elementary school … Read more

[NATIONAL] Stabbing in Sillim raises calls for countermeasures

A woman stands by the many flowers and messages left by members of the public at a memorial near Sillim Station in southern Seoul, Monday. Yonhap월요일 한 여성이 서울 관악구 신림역 인근에 마련된 추모 공간에 추모객들이 남긴 꽃과 메모들을 바라보고 있다. 연합 By Ko Dong-hwan In the wake of a stabbing rampage, in which a … Read more