Suncheon to transform into ‘K-Disney’ tourism belt


By KTimes

The Korean government will invest 1.3 trillion won ($1 billion) into South Jeolla Province, aimed at establishing the region as a cornerstone of global K-tourism and a hub for cultural content by 2033.

Suncheonman Bay National Garden / Courtesy of Suncheon City

Suncheonman Bay National Garden / Courtesy of Suncheon City

Central to this ambitious plan is the creation of a world-class K-tourism recreation belt in Suncheon City and across the southwestern province, the government said in a statement.

The project, set to unfold in three phases, will kick off with a 28 billion won national budget this year for 62 different projects. By 2027, the first phase is expected to be in full swing, highlighting South Jeolla Province’s commitment to revitalizing regional tourism through innovative strategies.

These strategies include transforming the province into a destination for art enthusiasts, island tourism, unique nighttime experiences and eco-tourism, complemented by the region’s culinary delights. The government’s approach includes offering expert consulting to local governments from the project’s inception to ensure its success.

Suncheon City will lead the charge in enriching Korea’s cultural tourism landscape. Suncheon’s vision to become a “garden culture city” revolves around the celebrated Suncheonman Bay National Garden, with plans to establish an “animation cluster” that will serve as a magnet for animation production companies and youthful start-ups.

Dubbed “K-Disney Suncheon,” this initiative aims to integrate cultural spaces and business needs seamlessly, enhancing Suncheon City’s appeal to both residents and visitors. The strategy involves not just revitalizing existing spaces but also connecting Suncheonman Bay National Garden with the city’s original downtown area to foster a vibrant community for businesses and creatives alike.

Suncheon is poised to request a central investment review this month, with the project’s full implementation expected to commence following approval in June, aiming for a rapid turnaround with renovations beginning in July and company move-ins by October.

This extensive investment and development effort underscores South Korea’s commitment to nurturing its regions as global cultural and tourism destinations, leveraging local strengths to create a diverse and sustainable economy.


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