NMIXX to showcase unique allure with ‘Fe3O4: BREAK’ album next year

Bomi Yoon

K-pop act NMIXX / Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

By Pyo Kyung-min

The poster for K-pop girl group NMIXX’s upcoming EP, “Fe3O4: BREAK” / Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

K-pop girl group NMIXX is gearing up for the release of their second EP on Jan. 15 next year. The group unveiled plans for a pre-release digital single, “Sonar (Breaker),” on Dec. 4.

On Tuesday, JYP Entertainment, the powerhouse behind NMIXX, revealed the poster for the group’s new mini-album, “Fe3O4: BREAK,” on its official social media channel. The girl band’s upcoming release comes just six months after dropping its July album, “A Midsummer NMIXX’s Dream.”

Adding an air of mystery, “Fe3O4” from the album’s title is a chemical symbol, while the title of the pre-release single, “Sonar,” is the Spanish word for “dream.” Regarding the enigmatic titles, the agency said, “We will showcase a fresh charm of NMIXX, much like the album’s title, promising a unique experience for fans,” through an official press release.

Comprised of six members — Haewon, Lily, Sullyoon, BAE, Jiwoo and Kyujin — NMIXX made its debut in February 2022 with its single album “AD MARE.” Despite a brief slowdown after former member Jinni’s departure seven months into their debut, the group made a powerful resurgence with hits like “Love Me Like This” (2023) and “Rollercoaster” (2023).

In a remarkable international feat, the sextet completed its first solo showcase tour, “NICE TO MIXX YOU,” from May to June this year, performing a total of 14 shows in 13 overseas destinations. The group’s impact continued with the fan concert “NMIXX THE 1ST FAN CONCERT ‘NMIXX CHANGE UP: MIXX UNIVERSITY'” held in October at Jangchung Arena, Jung District, Seoul.

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