Mercedes-Benz bolsters road safety campaign for children

Bomi Yoon

Former Mercedes-Benz CSR Committee Chairman Thomas Klein, second from right, takes part in a traffic safety campaign for children with other company executives in front of an elementary school in Seoul in this file photo taken on Sept. 7. 2022. Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

By Lee Min-hyung

Mercedes-Benz is diversifying efforts to bolster road safety for children by clinching diverse partnerships with a group of Korean safety authorities to solidify social consensus on the crucial issue.

According to the company, the German automaker recently signed an agreement with 12 companies, organizations and authorities, such as the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, to raise awareness of the issue and promote expanded relevant education.

They reached a consensus on expanding the partnership until 2025 and building a stronger traffic education system here.

As part of its social campaign, Mercedes-Benz operates its own social contribution committee across the globe. One of its traffic education programs is called MobileKids. Two million children in 13 countries joined the program which saw the automaker teach the importance of traffic safety and the prevention of road accidents.

More than 40,000 children have received certification after finishing the program since it started in 2014. A group of 1,749 organizations here and abroad also benefitted from the program, according to the automaker. In Korea, Mercedes-Benz partnered with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to run the program.

Since 2017, the company has also operated the Play the Safety campaign so that new children can learn more about traffic safety through field experiences. Children can naturally understand how important road safety is by taking part in the program.

The automaker has offered diverse online education content, such as mobility storybooks, to minimize the educational gap regarding road safety since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company is also moving its environmental efforts, such as Mercedes-Benz GREEN+, as a major pillar to enhance corporate social responsibility and reach for carbon neutrality.

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