Korea-India Dialogue focuses on strengthening ties amid post-pandemic realities

Bomi Yoon

Ananta Centre Chairman Naushad Forbes, left, speaks during the 22nd Korea-India Dialogue in Seoul, Monday. Courtesy of Korea Foundation

By Kim Hyun-bin

The Korea Foundation (KF) successfully wrapped up the 22nd Korea-India Dialogue in Seoul, Tuesday. The two-day event was co-hosted by the Seoul Forum for International Affairs (SFIA) and the Ananta Centre, aimed at enhancing cooperation in diverse sectors between the two countries.

The Korea-India Dialogue, a renowned 1.5-track dialogue platform, brought together key figures from various sectors in Korea and India. Serving as a crucial channel for discussing mutual interests spanning politics, economy and society, the event is aimed to foster forward-looking cooperative relationships. This year marks a significant return to an offline format after the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing for the resumption of crucial face-to-face interactions.

The event’s six sessions covered vital topics such as Indo-Pacific regional security, economic cooperation, defense-space, semiconductor collaboration, green hydrogen initiatives and small modular reactor (SMR) industry and technology cooperation. Distinguished experts from politics, business and academia in both countries engaged in profound discussions on bilateral and multilateral cooperation strategies.

A notable addition this year was a business roundtable session, welcoming major domestic companies to participate. This session provides a platform to explore opportunities for enhancing economic cooperation and improving supply chain resilience fostering mutual benefits.

The first session, titled “Indo-Pacific Geopolitics and Security Situation and Korea-India Cooperation,” delved into pressing issues, including the Israel-Hamas conflict, U.S.-China strategic competition, foreign policies of both nations, maritime security and the North Korean threat. The second session, “Indo-Pacific Economic Situation and Korea-India Cooperation,” focused on strengthening economic security and enhancing supply chain resilience.

The high-profile attendees from the Korean side included Korea Foundation Chairman Kim Ghee-whan and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Yoon Young-kwan.

Key participants included Ananta Centre Chairman Naushad Forbes, Ananta Centre President Indrani Bagchi, Confederation of Indian Industry Deputy Director General Seema Arora, Ambassador of India to Korea Amit Kumar, former Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar, former Indian Ambassador to Korea Deepa Gopa Wadhwa and Confederation of Indian Industry Chief Adjudication Officer Seema Arora.

“The Korea-India Dialogue, amid the rapidly changing strategic environment in the Indo-Pacific region, discussed ways to expand substantial cooperation between the two countries. It is expected to contribute to deepening and advancing the special strategic partnership between Korea and India,” a KF official said.

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